Writing in the time of COVID19: are you? It can be hard to open the more vulnerable spaces in times like these. What spills out can be hard to rest with. Or wrest with. Or is writing a balm?

Are you sharing your work, or taking it into a quiet core?

Are you reading/listening/reciting/singing/taking in others' art, or are you filtering out a lot of what shows up on your screens?

I'm back and forth, back and forth, excited, exhausted. Figuring out how to land.

Over on Sue Goyette's Facebook, people are following a series of writing prompts generously shared and gently guided by Sue. Maybe give it a try!

At Concrete & River, I'm posting poems by people whose launches are cancelled. Have a look, buy a book! (All sales are through other vendors, not C&R)

Most of all, be well, love strong. And vice versa.