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I'm delighted to be part of this creative collaboration with my friend, artist and ceramics maker Susie Osler. Have a look at our bookmarks project, available now in our little corner of eastern Ontario and online MIND (2022) BLOOM (2021) Bookmarks by SGSO Slide a splash of colour and an effervescent poem into the pages of your books! Three different images are paired with three different micro-poems. With room for notes - because if you're like us, dear reader, you love to make notes! Now available in sets of 3, the series BLOOM (2021) and MIND (2022). Each set includes all three designs in the series. The first creative collaboration from SGSO , poet Susan Gillis and artist Susie Osler. Each bookmark pairs an evocative poem by Susan with a painting (reproduction) by Susie. Bookmarks measure 2.1 in x 7.5 in $ 10/set of 3 Order online  here  or send us an email <sgsomade[at]gmail[dot]com Questions? Comments? We love hearing from you!