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David O'Meara: "Days"

The  question that launches David O'Meara's poem "Days"  turns on how we move through time and what we carry with us, as knowledge and memory of place, event and identity. "Something" we've forgotten nags when we go out, like a black box signalling the location of wreckage. That familiar discomfort: what did we leave behind? Not just what did we forget to bring, but what is it, there, that we're putting at a distance? Read David O'Meara's poem "Days"

Sheri Benning: from Field Requiem, "Let Them Rest": Three Parts

Sheri Benning kindly shared this excerpt from her stirring and gorgeous  Field Requiem,  a book that has been on my "currently reading" stack for many months now. This image by Heather Benning is one of several that mark the places Benning sings to. Click here to read three poems from the section "Let Them Rest"  at Concrete & River.