Hello! And thanks for stopping by my page. 

I'm a poet based in rural Ontario with roots in Atlantic and western Canada, and Montreal, with four books (Yellow Crane, The Rapids, Volta and Swimming Among the Ruins), several chapbooks (Obelisk, Twenty Views of the Lachine Rapids), and a solid collection of award nominations and reviews. 

My writing practice takes me on deep dives into the currents of inner and outer worlds. I also write collaboratively with three other poets in the group Yoko’s Dogs (Whisk, Rhinoceros). 

Other projects include HALIBUT, the online micro-poetry journal I co-curated with Mary di Michele during its exuberant three-year run, and  Concrete & River, where now and then I talk with poets and write about poetry and the writing life.

Interested in working with me on a manuscript or mentorship? I’ve worked with writers of all ages and all stages, bringing more than two decades of writing, editing, and mentoring experience and joy to our work together. I'm happy to accompany you as field guide. Find out how here